Assac Networks Overview

ASSAC NETWORKS develops, integrates and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of IT, Telecommunications and cyber protection for SCADAs, ISPs and governmental and commercial organizations. These solutions are specifically tailored to meet the security needs of governmental and civilian organizations.
Assac Networks was established in 2011 by Shimon Zigdon , founder,  previous owner and CEO of Snapshield Ltd. Snapshield  invented, developed and marketed revolutionary encryption devices and solutions for mobile phones. During 2005,  Snapshield was acquired by Tadiran Communications-a world leading company in the field of tactical and security communications. In 2008 Tadiran Communications was  in turn merged into Elbit Systems – a billion dollar multinational security and defense company, and three years later, Shimon left Elbit Systems to  establish Assac Networks.
Assac Networks leverages Shimon’s long-term relationships with Homeland Security organizations worldwide to provide unique, custom-made  security products and solutions in the fields of IT and telecommunications.

Main current projects include:

Shimon Zigdon’s resume:

  • Owner of Assac Networks Ltd. – a private Company, founded on Nov 2011
  • Owner and founder of Snapshield (Established 1996)
    • Patent holder in the field of secured Telecommunication.
    • Breakthrough GSM encryption.
    • Snapshield Sold to Tadiran communicationsin 2005; merged into Elbit Systems on 2008
  • IDF Tevet Concept initiative (5 M$ Elbit project)
  • Secured Telecommunication project for the UN (Africa and the US)
  • Support for Secured Communication projects in Singapore
  • Secured Telecommunication for ICM Madrid
  • Cryptographic algorithm integration and security concept consultancy for various telecommunications projects:
    • Mobile Tornado
    • Elbit Systems
    • Heronis