Assac Networks announces the release of its newest version of CryptoShield – a smartphone anti-hacking app

We’re proud to announce the release of our newest version of CryptoShield – an anti-hacking app and cloud-based solution for iOS smartphones. The new version of the app for Android devices will be available on the Google Play store within the next couple of weeks.

CryptoShield’s revolutionary cyber attack detection engine utilizes statistical models to dynamically detect advanced host and network-based attacks on mobile devices. Unlike other threat detection systems, CryptoShield’s engine not only scans the installed apps, but also monitors the entire device for malicious behavior without reliance on signatures. This approach enables it to find and protect against both known and unknown threats in real-time, regardless of how they are delivered to the device.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO said that “smartphone users nowadays are extremely vulnerable to data theft, eavesdropping and keyboard tracing by hackers, who can easily hack your phone and install malware on it. From that moment on they, they can steal all the information that’s stored on your device, tap your calls and read all your text messages, whether they’re regular SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger and others). Encryption doesn’t help in such scenarios, because the hacker fully controls the device. Hackers also use innocent-looking apps, such as game apps, flash light apps and other “regular” apps to trace mobile devices’ keyboard typing, to steal data and to covertly operate the device’s camera and sound recorder. These threats are real, and the means by which they can be carried out are readily available to everyone,” said Shimon. “That’s the reason why we’ve developed the new generation of the CryptoShield app and system solution, which provide users with an all-in-one 360° protection against such threats.”

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