Assac Networks completes a SCADA cyber security training project for an Asian government

Ramat Hasharon, Israel. March 08, 2017.

Assac Networks, a leading developer of cyber intrusion, detection and prevention solutions for SCADA, IT and communication networks, has recently completed an extensive project involving cyber security training for employees of a government agency in an Asian country.
Assac Networks was selected to carry out the project by NEC, a leading international integrator which leads the national industrial networks cyber security training program in that country.

The project involved providing government employees with comprehensive training in various aspects related to ICS, formulating unique laboratories to emulate attack and defense of data and SCADA networks, as well as other aspects of cyber protection methodology. Assac Networks’ IDS solution for SCADA networks constitutes a central component in the cyber protection systems deployed throughout that country.
“The selection of Assac Networks by NEC–a leading international integrator–to conduct the cyber security training is yet another testimony to the extensive capabilities, know-how and expertise we’ve gained in this field,” commented Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO. “Our SCADA cyber security solutions provide the most effective protection available, and currently, several government institutions and agencies throughout the world are in the process of reviewing our solutions in order to incorporate them into their cyber protection programs.”