Assac Networks releases a new version of its anti-tapping Assac Dialer encryption App for iOS smartphones


Ramat Hasharon. Israel. February 06, 18. For immediate release

Assac Networks, a leading developer of mobile and fixed-line communication security solutions, announced today the release of its newest version of the Assac Dialer App for iOS smartphones. The first generation Assac Dialer app, which was launched in 2014, is used by security and commercial organizations throughout the world, enabling users to make encrypted and secured calls at the highest encryption level, fully protected from any hackers’ attempt to tap the call.

The latest version of the Assac Dialer supports iOS 11, providing enhanced features such as secured text, push availability with top priority for secured calls, conference room and manageable groups. The Assac Dialer app, along with the Company’s CryptoSwitch solution, enables secured, encrypted calls between COTS mobile devices, even in scenarios where the user on the opposite end of the call is using a non-encrypted mobile or land-line device.

The Android version of the 2nd generation Assac Dialer app is in final stages of development, and will be available on the Google Play store within the next couple of weeks.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO, said that “the combination of the Assac Dialer App along with the Company’s CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield solutions provides smartphone users with peace of mind, knowing they’re fully protected from the most common hacking and tapping threats. The global concern over mobile communication security is gaining widespread awareness over the past couple of years, and this latest generation Assac Dialer app was designed in order to meet the growing demand we’re witnessing for 360° smartphone security solutions against cyber threats.”

About Assac Networks:

ASSAC NETWORKS develops, integrates and markets network-forensic and security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and fixed-line communication as well as cyber protection systems for SCADAs, ISPs, governmental agencies and commercial organizations.  The Company’s CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield systems, originally developed  for military and HLS applications, were adapted for commercial use and are being used  by both security and civilian organizations worldwide.