Assac Networks’ CryptoSwitch & CryptoShield 360°:
anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection solutions and apps for Smartphones!

Securing communication presents a number of technical, operational and security hurdles. Today’s communication networks are extremely complex, encompassing fixed line and mobile communications, across traditional circuit switched networks, mobile networks and newer IP-based networks. This complexity is compounded by the wide variety of infrastructure, customer premises equipment and mobile devices.

Over and above the technical complexity stands the need to provide secure communications in a manner that is manageable for the enterprise and transparent to the end-user.

Assac Networks’ CryptoSwitch and CryptoShield materialize a complete solution which provides 360° protection to meet organizations’ needs for fully secured mobile and fixed line telephony communications. The fully functional, proven solution is used by commercial and security organizations worldwide, including: ICM Madrid, Telefonica Soluciones, the UN, Israeli Chemical Industries, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Singapore MHA, NEC Global Pacific, Marina Mexico and others.


CryptoSwitch anti-tapping solution- encrypted calls to and from mobile phones

CryptoSwitch is an enterprise-level secure communication solution which provides a managed, robust and scaleable platform to ensure secure voice communication among all parts of an organization, regardless of the type of communication network or the device used.
Providing secure communications to any number of callers utilizing the unique point-to-multipoint
technology, CryptoSwitch is the only enterprise-class solution that offers secure communications regardless of the access network, infrastructure or the number of parties involved in the call.


Assac Dialer app – making encrypted calls is a snap!

Assac Dialer makes it easy to establish secured and encrypted phone calls from Android and iPhones. Utilizing advanced encryption and information security algorithms, Assac Dialer provides the highest level of communication security, ensuring that no one will be able to wiretap your cellular calls or identify and track the phone numbers dialed.

Making an encrypted call with Assac Dialer is as simple as making a regular call:

  1. Click the Assac Dialer icon
  2. Dial the number using the application’s dialer or alternatively select a contact from the contact list
  3. Once the call is made, the application provides a visual indication confirming the call is encrypted and fully-secured
  4. You can even make encrypted calls to non-encrypted telephones- both landline and cellular. Your access network is always encrypted and secured.

CryptoSwitch’s unique benefits

  • Total Switch management (option): Manage the entire system-from the organizational level all the way to the individual user – identify, log, and control all inbound and outbound voice communication, update encryption devices, update software and key provisioning, revoke digital certificates etc.
  • Superior Patented Security- Access Network is always Secure for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Provides both Local and Cloud installation options
  • Initiating and terminating secured calls is as easy as pressing the app, dialing the number and pressing “end” to terminate the call
  • Provides Call center capabilities
  • Serves a variety of clients: iOS, Android, BB V10 and SNOM Fix IP
  • Provides analog phone and fax support
  • Enables conference calling
  • Provides total PABX & Call Center management features



CryptoShield – anti-hacking solution for mobile phones

CryptoShield is the world’s first mobile intrusion prevention system app to provide mobile phones with total protection against network and host cyber attacks, data theft and eavesdropping.
CryptoShield’s revolutionary cyber attack detection engine utilizes statistical models to dynamically detect advanced host and network-based attacks on mobile devices. Unlike other threat detection systems, the CryptoShield’s engine not only scans the installed apps, but monitors the entire device for malicious behavior without reliance on signatures. This approach enables CryptoShield to find and protect against both known and unknown threats in real-time, regardless of how they are delivered to the mobile phone.
Installed on the user’s device, the CryptoShield behavioral detection engine operates within the CryptoShield cloud, preventing an infected device from gaining access to the orgaization’s network. This unique approach protects the end user’s privacy without draining the device’s battery, and enables the CryptoShield system to monitor, detect and prevent cyber attacks which evade traditional security technologies.
CryptoShield protects the entire device against multiple attack, including:

  1. Spear phishing attacks (e.g., malicious URLs, PDF files)
  2. Malicious apps (e.g., “time bombs”, self-modifying apps)
  3. Network traffic redirection attacks (e.g., “man-in-the-middle”)
  4. SSL stripping techniques
  5. Rogue WiFi access point
  6. Rogue basestation/femtocell
  7. Reconnaissance scans

Demonstration of the CryptoSwitch solution

CryptoSwitch & CryptoShield system architecture.A 3600 anti-tapping and anti-hacking solution for smartphones

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