CryptoSwitch anti-tapping telephony

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed development and have recently delivered our new AssacVPN solution to one of our clients


How to prevent your mobile device from being hacked or tapped? Here are some useful tips..

The most important tip is to protect you smartphone using a proven app developed by a reputable company.

Assac Networks’ smartphone security apps and system solutions ared used by a variety of leading organizations world-wide, including both commercial and government security organizations.

ShieldiT is a unified cyber protection application that takes smartphone cyber defense to the next level, encapsulating Secured Dialer, Secured Chat and Threat Defense IPS. With the new app, Android and iOS BYOD smartphones can be simply and seamlessly secured against all threats with military-grade protection.

ShieldiT provides enhanced features such as secured text, push availability with top priority, manageable groups and other features that make it easy to control the app’s advanced functions: voice and conference rooms, termination, chats and attachments, activity log, VPN, mitigation scales and measures, encryption key management and more.

ShieldiT will be available for Android devices as of today, March 6th 2019, with iOS version to follow shortly.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO, said that “The integration of two proven smartphone security solution into a single robust app provides smartphone users and enterprises’ data security officers with peace of mind knowing they’re fully protected from the most common hacking and tapping threats. The global concern over mobile communication security is gaining widespread awareness, and ShieldiTwas developed in order to meet the growing demand for 360° smartphone security solutions against smartphones and mobile communication cyber threats.”


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