Assac Crypt- Mobile Phone Security


The challenge – encryption for mobile devices

With the dramatic rise in the use of mobile devices, information security for mobile applications and devices has become a major concern to both enterprises and consumers.  Cryptographic algorithms place extra strain on the already-limited processing power of mobile devices, thus further elevating battery consumption. Furthermore,  the overhead created by the encryption and the decryption becomes a particularly acute problem with streaming multimedia applications.


The solution – Assac Crypt

Assac Crypt addresses these security challenges by offering cryptographic libraries optimized for Texas Instruments DSP and for ARM RISC processors. Assac Crypt features a small memory footprint combined with exceptional efficiency that minimizes the impact on battery life. Powered by industry-standard cryptographic algorithms and optimized for mobile applications, Assac Crypt enables rapid and robust implementation of security applications in embedded systems, and provides a complete suite of industry standard cryptographic libraries. which enables application developers to easily integrate encryption, hash functions, digital signatures and key exchange mechanisms.

The Assac Crypt is FIPS 140-2 level 2 approved, and provides all popular private and public key encryption algorithms, including all algorithms required by the IPSec standard, such as: DES, 3DES and AES for symmetric encryption, key exchange protected by ElGamal, RSA and Diffie-Hellman, MD5 and SHA-1 hash functions, along with their keyed versions (HMAC), RSA, ECC and DSA for digital signatures.


Assac Crypt Key Benefits

  • Maximum security for mobile phones and smartphones communications
  • Highest levels of security (FIPS 140-2 level 2)
  • Optimized for wireless and mobile applications
  • Efficient use of computing resources, thus minimizing impact on battery life
  • Small footprint design
  • Supports multiple platforms such as TI’s eXpressDSP and ARM RISC Processors
  • Supports multiple OS: Vx Works, Linux, Windows
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Supports all standard encryption algorithms
  • Fast time-to-market



  • Supported Platforms: TI DSP C54x; TI DSP C55x; TI DSP C62x; TI DSP C64x; TI OMAP; ARM7; ARM9; ARM10; ARM11;XScale.
  • Standards Compliance    Supports algorithms used in government, financial and Internet standards, including all algorithms required by IPSEC. Compliant with ANSI, FIPS, IETF, PKCS and PacketCable standards
  • Key Agreement: Diffie-Hellman; ECDH
  • Digital Signatures: RSA; DSA; ECDSA
  • Public Key Encryption: RSA; ElGamal
  • Software upgradeable
  • Symmetric Block Ciphers: DES; 3DES; AES. Supports all FIPS-approved modes of operation.