Introducing: Assac Networks' GRAPHENE- a revolutionary SCADA cyber protection solution

The challenge - the dramatic rise of cyber threats

As SCADA systems complexity and connectivity increase, the protection of such systems against cyber attacks has become a huge global challenge and concern. This is due to the fact that nowadays, hackers can, with relative ease, damage and even shut down altogether essential public services such as electricity and running water, sabotage industrial machinery, cause rail and car accidents by penetrating and interfering with the computerized signal systems, and even bring about catastrophic events by, for instance, attacking nuclear power plants.

The frequency of such attacks is constantly on the rise, and since hackers are now able to compromise the lives of millions of people, taking preventive measures to protect SCADA networks is critical for any organizations employing such systems.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks' CEO, providing SCADA cyber protection training to the SCADA cyber security staff of DNP - a $15B Japanese company

Robust SCADA Security is essential for business!

In this day and age, intrusion detection and prevention should not be just the concern of large enterprises. In recent years, small businesses have suffered damages from hackers, who, for example, infiltrated a hotel's building management system,  locked all the rooms, and disabled all guests' key-cards. Only after a ransom was paid, the hackers released the doors. This example illustrates that SCADA protection should be top priority for any business- large or small - which uses a centralized computerized managment system.

Graphene - proven cyber protection solution

Assac Network’s Graphene is an advanced SCADA protection system solution which provides the highest level of cyber protection for strategic installations: electric power plants, oil refineries, national desalinization plants, water systems, chemical and industrial plants and more.

Graphene’s SCADA cyber protection features are the result of the company’s years of collaboration with its clients, and the insights and knowledge gained from close cooperation with leading organizations – both governmental and commercial. Graphene’s advanced features include– a state-of-the-art SIEM dashboard, behavioral monitoring, intrusion detection mechanism, assets discovery and ongoing vulnerability assessment.

Protecting SCADA systems - national strategic installations, power stations, water systems, industrial factories and even small businesses with centralized computer system, is an essential business practice nowadays.

HMI & Data Leak Protection
A special agent which verifies that your HMI station is protected from any external hardware (USB or other) inserted by an authorized action. (Stuxnet, for example, was deployed in this manner).
Management System
Graphene’s management platform enables users to observe and inspect essential data at any time, such as the network’s members, their IP addresses, OS version, vendor's name and more.
Intrusion Detection
Upon completion of the learning phase, Graphene begins to provide alerts whenever it detects attempts to attack the ICS network. Such attempts may include: Firmware version changes, PLC Attacks, Denial-Of-Service Attacks, Port Scanning and others.
Behavioral Monitoring

Graphene provides alerts whenever it detects any deviation from the normal working curve, such as a new device in the network; a device which was dormant and suddenly becomes active; unusual network traffic and more.

Asset Discovery

Graphene provides an overall picture of all network components, vendor type, the connection between the devices,
communication direction and the which protocols are used.