Assac Networks’ fully functional SCADA cyber protection solution


The  challenge  – the dramatic rise of cyber threats

The vulnerability of national infrastructure  to cyber threats is becoming more and more evident, with energy companies, government organizations, financial institution and other national and strategic installations reporting daily bombardment of malware and cyber attacks. Hacking and cyber terrorism is turning into a real strategic threat worldwide, a threat which can cripple essential infrastructure, cause severe economic damages and even lead to loss of lives.

Assac Networks’ fully functional cyber protection solution for national infrastructure

Assac Networks’ SCADA cyber protection system  is an advanced, fully functional cyber protection solution which provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats and attacks- for strategic national facilities.

Assac Networks’s SCADA cyber protection solution  is the result  of integrating three best-of-breed components which work in tandem to provide the best  cyber defense available:

  • An advanced data analysis system which provides thorough deep packet inspection and immediate detection of any malicious activity – abnormal network behavior, policy violations, network attacks, etc., and 
  • A unique trace-back mechanism which  speedily and accurately locates the attack’s source.
  • A Centralized Management System (CMS)  which provides network administrators with an accurate, real-time situational awareness picture of the entire network. The centralized management system features:
    • A Central management and monitoring capabilities for all NPATS devices.
    • End-to-end dashboard of the NPATS components with a complete set of forensic and reporting tools
    • CMS is installed at the main headquarters’ control room, with full remote access and monitoring capabilities.[/two_third]

A cyber solution tailored and installed according to your specific requirements

  • Assac Network’s SCADA cyber protection system is a highly flexible and modular solution, enabling us to tailor the components according to your network’s specific requirements.
  • The system can usually be fully deployed and operational within 12 to 16 months.