Assac Networks delivers its new AssacVPN solution to a leading energy company in Latin America

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed development and have recently delivered our new AssacVPN solution to one of our clients – a leading energy company in Latin America

Tel-Aviv. Israel. July 9, 2018. 

Assac Networks, a leading developer of cyber security solutions for mobile and fixed-line communication systems and IT networks, announced today that it has completed and integrated its new AssacVPN solution into the IT network of one its clients  – a major energy company in Latin America. The AssacVPN solution features Check Point’s Firewall, which, on top of standard VPN functions, provides an even more robust and secured solution.

 A VPN ( Virtual Private Network) enables users to send and receive data over public networks using a private and encrypted, secured channel. VPN protects the end-user by creating an encrypted tunnel between the user’s local network and an enterprise’s exit node.

 Assac Networks’ AssacVPN is provided as part of the Company’s 360° encryption protection suite, which includes its revolutionary CryptoSwitch anti-tapping telephony solution and the Assac Dialer encryption app, which together enable users to make encrypted calls from BYOD devices using military-grade encryption technology.  With the addition of the Company’s AssacVPN solution, the Company’s cyber protection suite now provides the highest degree of cyber protection for both voice & data communications.

 Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO, said that “the new AssacVPN, along with the company’s CryptoSwitch anti-tapping solution and the Assac Dialer encryption app, fully protects our clients’ voice and data communications from the most advanced hacking and tapping threats. In light of the fact that hacking and data theft are becoming a huge global concern, our 360° encryption protection suite with the new AssacVPN now provides a complete, one-stop cyber protection solution for both commercial enterprises and governmental organizations.”        


For further information, please contact:
Shimon Zigdon, CEO
Assac Networks Ltd.

Int’l phone number: +44-203-2879223