Tel Aviv. Israel. November  6, 2019. For immediate release


Assac Networks launches ManageiT – an advanced mobile communication end-point security management platforms to monitor and protect against malware and data breach incidents

Integrating with Assac Network’s  ShieldiT anti-hacking and anti-tapping app, ManageiT enables organizations’ CISOs to efficiently manage the organizations’ user group and mobile devices, monitor and map attacks, control access to premium “termination” functions, impose mitigations scales and measures, manage encryption keys and more.

Assac Networks, a leading provider of telecommunications security solutions in the fields of mobile and fixed-line communication, announced today the launch of  ManageiT – a revolutionary end-point security management platform which enables organizations’ CISOs to better control and monitor mobile devices used by their organizations’ employees in order to mitigate data breach incidents whereby hackers install malware on mobile devices in order to gain access to the organizations’ IT network.

ManageiT complements Assac Networks’ ShieldiT app which uniquely provides protection against both hacking of mobile devices and tapping of voice and chat communications. ManageiT controls all three utilities of the ShieldiT app: secure dialing, Secured Chat and Mobile Threat Management.

ManageiT dashboard enables CISO to efficiently monitor and collect essential data from the mobile devices used by the organization’s employees on an ongoing basis, to map out threats and malware incidences and to take proactive actions in order to mitigate threats in real-time.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO, said that: “over the past few years, we’ve witnessed an alarming increase in the number of incidences whereby hackers install malware on organizations’ employees’ mobile devices in order to gain access to IT networks and breach sensitive data. The costs of such attacks can be enormous, in both financial and legal terms. Assac Networks, which has been providing cyber protection solutions for mobile communications for nearly two decades, has identified the need for a single solution to prevent such attacks, and developed an integrated solution: ShieldiT – for both anti-hacking and anti-tapping protection, and ManageiT – which goes a step further, providing CISOs with the ability to centrally control, monitor and manage their entire mobile network and take immediate actions anytime and anywhere a threat is detected.”


About Assac Networks:
ASSAC NETWORKS develops, integrates and markets telecommunications security products and solutions in the fields of mobile and fixed-line communication for governmental agencies, commercial organizations and telecom service providers.

The Company’s ShieldiT app and system solution provides a holistic and revolutionary approach to organizations’ cyber security and secured communications needs by integrating both anti-hacking anti-tapping protection in a single app. ShieldiT encapsulates tactics and services which work together in order to provide organizations with seamless, highly secured voice and chat communications as well as best-of-breed cyber protection against hacking of their employees’ mobile devices, thus preventing malware from jeopardizing the organization’s IT networks.

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