Tel Aviv. Israel. December 16, 2019. For immediate release

Assac Networks has implemented its ShieldiT app and ManageiT management console in three leading European organizations– providing both anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection for the three organizations’ communication networks and mobile devices

The organizations, which names were not disclosed for security reasons, have installed Assac Networks’ integrated ShieldiT app and ManageiT to prevent data breach and ransomware attacks as well as tapping of their networks’ voice and message communications.

Assac Networks, a leading provider of telecommunications security solutions in the field of mobile and fixed-line communications, announced today that three leading European organizations – which names were not disclosed due to security considerations – have recently purchased and implemented its integrated ShieldiT and ManageiT app and system solution.

The three organizations, two of which operate in the real estate and energy fields, and a third one – a national institution, chose ShieldiT over competing apps and solutions thanks to ShieldiT’s unique integration of both anti-hacking and anti-tapping protection for both iOS and Android devices, a feature no other app currently offers.

Assac Networks’ ShieldiT, which is successfully used by security and commercial organizations worldwide, integrates proven technologies to provide 360° protection against both hacking of mobile devices and tapping of mobile voice and message communications. The package implemented by the three European organizations included the ShieldiT app and Assac Networks’ recently-released ManageiT – a console that integrates with ShieldiT to enable organizations’ CISOs to effectively monitor and manage their networks’ endpoints as well as communication activities.

Shimon Zigdon, Assac Networks’ CEO, said that: “There is increasing awareness among data and communication security officers worldwide to the fact that mobile devices and communications constitute a very weak link in the security of organizations’ vital business data. The reason for this is that hackers can very easily, using widely available means, tap mobile voice and message conversations and install malware on mobile devices to later use them to launch attacks and breach IT networks. With ShieldiT currently being the only app to provide both anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection, we’re seeing a great deal of interest in our solution, and are expecting sales and implementation of ShieldiT and ManageiT to increase substantially in 2020.”

About Assac Networks:

Assac Networks develops, integrates and markets telecommunications security products and solutions in the field of mobile and fixed-line communication for government agencies, commercial organizations and telecom service providers.

The Company’s ShieldiT app and system solution provides a holistic and revolutionary approach to organizations’ cyber security and secured communications needs by integrating both anti-hacking and anti-tapping protection in a single app. ShieldiT encapsulates tactics and services which work together in order to provide organizations with seamless, highly secure voice and message communications as well as best-of-breed cyber protection against hacking of their employees’ mobile devices, thus preventing malware from jeopardizing the organization’s IT network.

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