A recently-published Gartner report highlights the importance for enterprises to address the cybersecurity threats stemming from smartphones and recommends that enterprises employ mobile threat defense (MTD) tools to protect their employees’ smartphones against malware which can jeopardize vital organizational data and IT infrastructure.

The report emphasizes that:
“Organizations that should plan to adopt MTD solutions sooner rather than later are:
– Those in high-security sectors.
– Those with large and fragmented Android device fleets (although we must point out that Google has recently made major improvements to the security and consistency of Android devices28,29,30).
– Those in regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare” (Gartner)

The report also provides a number of reported incidences in which smartphones were jeopardized by malicious apps:
New Wroba Campaign Is Latest Sign of Growing Mobile Threats, Dark Reading.
Fakespy Masquerades as Postal Service Apps Around the World, IT Security Guru.
SourMint: Malicious Code, Ad Fraud, and Data Leak in iOS, snyk.
Malicious Optimizers Hosted on Google Play Amassed 470,000 Downloads, Security Week.
And others.

Assac Networks’ ShieldiT app is a holistic 360° smartphone security solution that provides the most comprehensive protection against the threats listed by the Gartner report, including protection from malicious apps (“time bombs”, self-modifying apps), spear phishing attacks (malicious URLs, PDF files, etc.), network traffic redirection attacks (“man-in-the-middle” attacks), SSL stripping techniques, rogue WiFi access points, rogue base station/femtocell attacks and more. In addition to its anti-hacking technology, ShieldiT is the first and only app to also provide anti-tapping protection by utilizing MIL-STD encryption, safeguarding users from any attempt to intercept mobile communication and tap their conversations.

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